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New Monthly Member Flat Fee! Save Money with Unlimited Support!

New Monthly Member Flat Fee!  Save Money with Unlimited Support!


Change is good… Choices and Options are good… Personalized Nutrition Plans are good… SAVING MONEY IS GREAT!

• Monthly Membership Flat Fee is $58.25 (Paid Annually) for UNLIMITED INBODY BODY COMP ANALYSIS AND RN HEALTH COACHING AND NUTRITION SUPPORT, less than $14.56/session.
• After December 31, 2017, the Monthly Membership Flat Fee will increase to $65/month, (Paid Annually), less than $16.25/session!
• Unlimited InBody 570 Body Composition Tests
• Four 15-minute Follow-up visits per month
• Unlimited email/text support!
• One FREE 1-hour Initial Consultation or Health Coaching Session
• 20% discount on all products all year long!
• All Nutrition and Wellness Classes FREE, at least 12 per year!
• 10 Free Passes for InBody 570 Body Composition Test to Share with Family & Friends
• No food purchase required!

Sign up before October 31st and get FUEL Nutrition DNA test, a $149 value, for only $75.

FUEL LIFEPROFILE from Orig3n.com: This 24-gene profile reveals how your body responds to food and nutrients. Discover which foods work best for you, what to avoid, and what might make you feel better.

Are you inclined to any food sensitivities?
Are your genes making you deficient in any vitamins?
How do your genes impact weight loss and gain?

These are some of the things you can learn about yourself with the FUEL DNA test.

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Make Coach Joyce Your Choice!

Make Coach Joyce Your Choice!

Health and wellness is not just a job for Joyce Strong, RN, BSN.  It is her passion and way of life. She leads by example, devoting her time to helping others find a clear path to optimal health.

It wasn’t always that way for “Coach Joyce”, the name given to her by her five children and hockey players who train with her in her hockey program, Strong Dynamics Hockey Skating and Agility Training.  In 2004, Coach Joyce was diagnosed with breast cancer which she calls her wake-up call.  So, what does a single parent of 5 children do when she’s diagnosed with cancer?  She develops a passion and appreciation for life, learns to coach, play and TEACH hockey skating, achieves her Level 5 USA Hockey Coaching credentials and starts a private Health and Wellness Nursing practice.   Fast forward 12 years to where you will find Coach Joyce, RN Health Coach and owner of Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach where she preaches what she practices.

Whole foods are at the core of Coach Joyce’s nutritional recommendations.   It is what you do eat and drink AND what you learn to avoid as you get to know how your own body works.  Stabilize your life-style to include sleep, recreation, community, stress management and whole food.  Step one is to assess where you are at now.  Step two is to heal the damage and build a healthy lifestyle.  Then and forever more, thrive and enjoy life with optimal health.

One of Coach Joyce’s greatest joys is to be on the same team with her patients as they build a better lifestyle.  Patients have come to Coach Joyce with elevated triglyceride and cholesterol, blood sugar out of control and heartburn, all of which required prescription medications, and within a few weeks or months found themselves with normal labs value, off medications, losing weight and feeling better than ever.  It seems like a miracle.  The doctors ask, “What did you do?”  The answer, time and again, is simple.  Understand how your body works.  Eat this, don’t eat that.  Drink water.  Sleep.  Exercise.  Find a way to reduce your stress.  Believe.  Coach Joyce’s confidence in her patients is always greater than their doubt and so… they succeed.

Coach Joyce sees health and wellness within a holistic, functional, integrative frame.   While many health care practitioners focus on keeping you out of the hospital and functioning at a chronically low-level with pills for ills, Coach Joyce focuses on helping you find your OPTIMAL health and wellness.  She asks, “Why settle for good enough health?  Why not aim for feeling terrific and functioning the best you’ve ever functioned in your life?”

Authorized Provider for Ideal Protein Weight Loss protocol, Coach Joyce offers this medically supervised weight-loss program at her locations in Groton, Pepperell, Concord and Nashua.  No matter where you live, you’ll want to drive the extra few miles to meet face-to-face with the best Coach born for the profession that marries her natural talents and passions of cheerleading, teaching, health science and athletics. She works 7 days a week and offers appointments at hours to meet the needs of her patients, days, evenings and weekends all by appointment.

You can see Coach Joyce for general nutritional and wellness coaching, consultation and follow-up for personalized nutritional plans and supplement recommendations using doctor-brand supplements including Metagenics, Xymogen, Standard Process, Designs for Health and more.  She also offers some lab testing including food sensitivity tests from Cell Sciences and Cyrex and Orig3n nutritional genetic DNA testing.

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Introducing InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer

Introducing InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer

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FAQ About Insurance, HSA, FSA, Health Insurance Reimbursement


Are Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach fees reimbursed by my insurance company?

It depends. Some insurance companies may reimburse for weight loss programs. Beginning January 2014, the Affordable Care Act requires insurance plans to reimburse for weight loss programs that offer counseling (Joyce Strong, RN, BSN, Certified Wellcoach, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist weight loss programs all include evidence-based, behavioral-based weight loss counseling). Check with your health insurance plan administrator for details. Your doctor must first complete and sign the Letter of Medical Necessity. Once completed, submit the letter with your program receipt to your insurance provider following their normal process for reimbursement.


How do I know if Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach qualifies for reimbursement under my health insurance plan?

You should check FIRST with your health insurance plan to see if weight loss counseling or programs are eligible for reimbursement. If so (or even if it is not clear), ask your doctor to complete the Letter of Medical Necessity. Once completed, submit the letter with your program receipt to your insurance provider following their normal process for reimbursement.

Is the Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach weight loss programs reimbursed by my Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), or Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Some plans reimburse for weight loss programs. Check FIRST with your plan and if so (or if it is unclear) ask your doctor to complete the Letter of Medical Necessity. Once completed, submit the letter with your program receipt to your insurance provider following their normal process for reimbursement.

Will Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach submit my paperwork for me?

No. Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach will not submit your paperwork and will not know that you have requested reimbursement under any plan unless you choose to share that information.

Is the nutritional food and supplements recommended by and included in weight loss programs at Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach reimbursed under insurance plans, FSAs, HRAs, or HSAs?

It depends. Some programs will reimburse for special diet food and/or supplements based on a medical condition. Again, check FIRST with your your health insurance plan and if so, or if you are not sure, ask your doctor to complete the Letter of Medical Necessity. Once completed, submit the letter with your program receipt to your insurance provider following their normal process for reimbursement.

What are your credentials? Who will provide weight loss counseling to me at Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach?

You will see Joyce Strong, RN, BSN, Certified Wellcoach, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

I am a Registered Nurse, experienced and specializing in nutrition and weight loss, Certified Wellcoach (Health, Wellness, and Fitness specialties through ACSM) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (through NSCA).

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What is Ideal Protein Fitness?

Ideal Protein Fitness is a video-based program featuring postural and corrective exercises specifically geared towards those who have experienced weight gain.

Hosted by Posturologist and Fitness expert Steve Moratto, Ideal Protein Fitness will introduce you to some of the basic principles of wellness.  It can be integrated into any phase and will help prepare you for a more active way of life in the Ideal Lifestyle Approach to Maintenance.

Ideal Protein Fitness includes 52 weekly challenges accessible through MyIdealProtein.  Each challenge will unlock a series of exercise videos that should be followed at least 3 times a week.

If you would like to participate in My.IdealProtein.com through my clinic and become one of my patients please contact me and notify Ideal Protein at MyIP@idealprotein.com that you would like to be a client of Joyce Strong, RN, BSN at Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach Nashua.  My.IdealProtein.com is free to my clients for access to the Ideal Protein materials, Ideal Protein TV and Ideal Protein Fitness.


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Thirteen Solutions for Breaking the Hungry Horrors

Thirteen Solutions for Breaking the Hungry Horrors

chocolate eat me

You know it when the Hungry Horrors hit.  It’s usually the afternoon or evening.   You’ve been fine all day and in fact you’ve hardly eaten a thing.  Then wham!  Your brain is hijacked.  You are suddenly on a mission for that one food that will fill the hollow.  Chocolate?  Cheese?  Nuts?  Pizza?  Salty, Fat & Crunchy Snack?  Ice Cream?

What just happened?

It’s not one cause but rather a chorus of factors including blood sugar, stress, sleep, exercise,  gut health, digestion, hormones and neurotransmitters.  It’s your body trying to keep you alive in a weird kind of way.  It’s a sign that your homeostasis is out of kilter.

I’ve had many patients forge ahead to the maintenance phase of their weight loss journey.  Ideal Protein protocol refers to maintenance as “Phase 4”.  I’m here to tell you that maintenance or Phase 4 are not nirvana.  You will continue to have cravings.  You will continue to experience the hungry horrors.  Delicious unhealthy food will still appeal to you some of the time, often when you least expect it.  I’m not saying it doesn’t get better or easier.  I’m just saying that Phase 4 or maintenance of weight loss is not heaven if your idea of heaven is eating everything you want whenever you want in whatever quantities you want.

But, there’s hope here with these thirteen solutions for Breaking the Hungry Horrors.

  1. Eat quality protein with every meal and eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.
  2. Drink water and stay hydrated.
  3. Eat low-glycemic foods and avoid carbohydrates and grains altogether.
  4. Eat hot meals and soups.
  5. Practice and experiment.  Keep trying new foods, new recipes and new combinations and methods of preparation.  Your tastes will evolve and your skills will improve.
  6. Add healthy food options, plan and prepare ahead for the inevitable time when the hungry horrors strike.
  7. If you buy it, you will eat it so clean out the kitchen and only have in the house what you want to eat.
  8. Give yourself some help by avoiding places where you know it will be too hard to say “NO”.  Seek out supportive friends and avoid the “food pushers”.
  9. Stay active every day.  Walk 10,000 steps to feel better, boost your metabolism and reduce stress.
  10. You can’t do a don’t so stay positive and speak about what you WANT to have to eat.
  11. Put the discomfort in perspective.  Is this the worst pain you’ve ever felt?  Probably not.  You can take it, so take it.  Complaining just makes you focus on the negative and is one of the biggest an obstacles to success.  Instead practice gratitude for the good food you do have and the good health you are creating with your good food choices.
  12. Improve your stress management by finding new techniques to cope with stress and strategies for reducing and removing stress in your life.
  13. Improve your sleep and rest habits.  Get computers, phones and lights out of your bedroom and make bedtime a priority.


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At the End of the Day Your Health Is Your Responsibility

At the End of the Day Your Health Is Your Responsibility

Your Health is Your ResponsibilityI can call you, text you, prompt you, challenge you, offer you hope, show you compassion, remind you, educate you, and walk beside you every step of the way but it is YOU who has to do the work of change.

It would be a great business model if I could just charge you a ton of money to “fix” you. But you see, I don’t see you as broken in the first place. I see you need to do some work to change.

Work can be fun, engaging, challenging, frustrating, disappointing, inspiring, easy and sometimes not easy. It is always work to grow… Intentional Practice at something you haven’t practiced before.

That’s all.

So, pick up your communication device and reach out to me. It’s your health. Let’s get to work.

feeling determined with Ideal Weight at Ideal Weight Groton.

If It's Important to You, You Will Find a Way...

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Energy: Nutrition and Weight Loss

Energy:  Nutrition and Weight Loss

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Tough Love: Coaching with Compassion, Clarity and Honesty


If you need someone to give you some “tough love”, I am accepting new patients at my Clinics locally Ideal Weight GrotonIdeal Weight NashuaIdeal Weight Pepperell, and also accept clients who want to work by telephone, FaceTime, Skype or other web-based system. “Virtual” clients track their measurements and food and report to me weekly just like at your local clinic. Shipping costs less than the time it takes you to drive to your clinic and pay for gas. Your appointments are conveniently scheduled to meet your busy schedule! www.TotalWellCoach.com

Email me to set up your appointment, order your food and get going on your success.  I promise I’ll be gentle 🙂


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10 New Year’s Resolutions and Why You Need a Coach

10 New Year's Resolutions and Why You Need a Coach

You have resolve to change and yet here we are the threshold of 2015 with the same list as 2014.  It’s OK.  We are all that way and for good reason.  It’s because we have values that conflict, tangle and halt us in our tracks.  And that is why you need a skilled Coach.   You can make a list, like you do every year, like the list below.  Go ahead, cut and paste.  Why doesn’t it work?  Why don’t you change?  What’s missing?

Detail.  How will it happen?  Who will be involved?  When will that take place?  Where will you find that?  What else is involved?  Why is it important to you?

Chose your “Coach” wisely.   Many people call themselves coaches but they are not coaches.  How can you tell?  It’s easy.   Her lips are moving!  A “coach” who does most of the talking and tells you what to do, is not a real coach.

A qualified, skilled Coach has had years of training and experience in a reputable coaching school such Wellcoaches.  She will be a skilled listener and an expert at asking just the right question to help kick start your motivation and get you thinking, and then acting on your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

So, what will make 2015 different from 2014?  Why is that important to you?  How will you make that happen?  What’s your first step?

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Eat Healthy Foods
    1. Quit Sugar
    2. Quit Grains
    3. Quit Dairy
  3. Get a Better Job
    1. Start a Business
  4. Get out of Debt
    1. Save Money
  5. Exercise More
    1. Join a Gym
    2. Hire a Personal Trainer
  6. Quit Smoking
  7. Volunteer
    1. Donate Money
  8. Get a Better Education
    1. Go Back to School
    2. Learn Something New
  9. Quit Alcohol
  10. Practice Gratitude
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