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New Monthly Member Flat Fee! Save Money with Unlimited Support!

New Monthly Member Flat Fee!  Save Money with Unlimited Support!


Change is good… Choices and Options are good… Personalized Nutrition Plans are good… SAVING MONEY IS GREAT!

• Monthly Membership Flat Fee is $58.25 (Paid Annually) for UNLIMITED INBODY BODY COMP ANALYSIS AND RN HEALTH COACHING AND NUTRITION SUPPORT, less than $14.56/session.
• After December 31, 2017, the Monthly Membership Flat Fee will increase to $65/month, (Paid Annually), less than $16.25/session!
• Unlimited InBody 570 Body Composition Tests
• Four 15-minute Follow-up visits per month
• Unlimited email/text support!
• One FREE 1-hour Initial Consultation or Health Coaching Session
• 20% discount on all products all year long!
• All Nutrition and Wellness Classes FREE, at least 12 per year!
• 10 Free Passes for InBody 570 Body Composition Test to Share with Family & Friends
• No food purchase required!

Sign up before October 31st and get FUEL Nutrition DNA test, a $149 value, for only $75.

FUEL LIFEPROFILE from Orig3n.com: This 24-gene profile reveals how your body responds to food and nutrients. Discover which foods work best for you, what to avoid, and what might make you feel better.

Are you inclined to any food sensitivities?
Are your genes making you deficient in any vitamins?
How do your genes impact weight loss and gain?

These are some of the things you can learn about yourself with the FUEL DNA test.

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Make Coach Joyce Your Choice!

Make Coach Joyce Your Choice!

Health and wellness is not just a job for Joyce Strong, RN, BSN.  It is her passion and way of life. She leads by example, devoting her time to helping others find a clear path to optimal health.

It wasn’t always that way for “Coach Joyce”, the name given to her by her five children and hockey players who train with her in her hockey program, Strong Dynamics Hockey Skating and Agility Training.  In 2004, Coach Joyce was diagnosed with breast cancer which she calls her wake-up call.  So, what does a single parent of 5 children do when she’s diagnosed with cancer?  She develops a passion and appreciation for life, learns to coach, play and TEACH hockey skating, achieves her Level 5 USA Hockey Coaching credentials and starts a private Health and Wellness Nursing practice.   Fast forward 12 years to where you will find Coach Joyce, RN Health Coach and owner of Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach where she preaches what she practices.

Whole foods are at the core of Coach Joyce’s nutritional recommendations.   It is what you do eat and drink AND what you learn to avoid as you get to know how your own body works.  Stabilize your life-style to include sleep, recreation, community, stress management and whole food.  Step one is to assess where you are at now.  Step two is to heal the damage and build a healthy lifestyle.  Then and forever more, thrive and enjoy life with optimal health.

One of Coach Joyce’s greatest joys is to be on the same team with her patients as they build a better lifestyle.  Patients have come to Coach Joyce with elevated triglyceride and cholesterol, blood sugar out of control and heartburn, all of which required prescription medications, and within a few weeks or months found themselves with normal labs value, off medications, losing weight and feeling better than ever.  It seems like a miracle.  The doctors ask, “What did you do?”  The answer, time and again, is simple.  Understand how your body works.  Eat this, don’t eat that.  Drink water.  Sleep.  Exercise.  Find a way to reduce your stress.  Believe.  Coach Joyce’s confidence in her patients is always greater than their doubt and so… they succeed.

Coach Joyce sees health and wellness within a holistic, functional, integrative frame.   While many health care practitioners focus on keeping you out of the hospital and functioning at a chronically low-level with pills for ills, Coach Joyce focuses on helping you find your OPTIMAL health and wellness.  She asks, “Why settle for good enough health?  Why not aim for feeling terrific and functioning the best you’ve ever functioned in your life?”

Authorized Provider for Ideal Protein Weight Loss protocol, Coach Joyce offers this medically supervised weight-loss program at her locations in Groton, Pepperell, Concord and Nashua.  No matter where you live, you’ll want to drive the extra few miles to meet face-to-face with the best Coach born for the profession that marries her natural talents and passions of cheerleading, teaching, health science and athletics. She works 7 days a week and offers appointments at hours to meet the needs of her patients, days, evenings and weekends all by appointment.

You can see Coach Joyce for general nutritional and wellness coaching, consultation and follow-up for personalized nutritional plans and supplement recommendations using doctor-brand supplements including Metagenics, Xymogen, Standard Process, Designs for Health and more.  She also offers some lab testing including food sensitivity tests from Cell Sciences and Cyrex and Orig3n nutritional genetic DNA testing.

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Introducing InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer

Introducing InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer

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What is Ideal Protein Fitness?

Ideal Protein Fitness is a video-based program featuring postural and corrective exercises specifically geared towards those who have experienced weight gain.

Hosted by Posturologist and Fitness expert Steve Moratto, Ideal Protein Fitness will introduce you to some of the basic principles of wellness.  It can be integrated into any phase and will help prepare you for a more active way of life in the Ideal Lifestyle Approach to Maintenance.

Ideal Protein Fitness includes 52 weekly challenges accessible through MyIdealProtein.  Each challenge will unlock a series of exercise videos that should be followed at least 3 times a week.

If you would like to participate in My.IdealProtein.com through my clinic and become one of my patients please contact me and notify Ideal Protein at MyIP@idealprotein.com that you would like to be a client of Joyce Strong, RN, BSN at Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach Nashua.  My.IdealProtein.com is free to my clients for access to the Ideal Protein materials, Ideal Protein TV and Ideal Protein Fitness.


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At the End of the Day Your Health Is Your Responsibility

At the End of the Day Your Health Is Your Responsibility

Your Health is Your ResponsibilityI can call you, text you, prompt you, challenge you, offer you hope, show you compassion, remind you, educate you, and walk beside you every step of the way but it is YOU who has to do the work of change.

It would be a great business model if I could just charge you a ton of money to “fix” you. But you see, I don’t see you as broken in the first place. I see you need to do some work to change.

Work can be fun, engaging, challenging, frustrating, disappointing, inspiring, easy and sometimes not easy. It is always work to grow… Intentional Practice at something you haven’t practiced before.

That’s all.

So, pick up your communication device and reach out to me. It’s your health. Let’s get to work.

feeling determined with Ideal Weight at Ideal Weight Groton.

If It's Important to You, You Will Find a Way...

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Choose Your Ideal Protein Clinic by Coach, Not Just Location

When you decide to go on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol I suggest you select your clinic by COACH and not just by location because not all Ideal Protein clinics are created equal.  We are independently owned and operated and the “coaches” have a wide range of education and training, from zero training to advanced medical and coaching degrees and training.

As your Coach at Ideal Weight Nashua, Ideal Weight Groton and Ideal Weight Pepperell, I am a Registered Nurse with a bachelor’s degree from Simmons College in Nursing and a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in Biopsychology.  I have worked in the field of Integrative Medicine for many years and have Professional Coach training through Wellcoaches (ACSM), a well-respected school of coaching.  I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) which is one of the best training certifications you can have.  I am also a USA Hockey Level 5 Coach and an athlete who founded Strong Dynamics Hockey Skating & Agility Training and Power Play Energy & Nutrition.  I’ve been trained by Ideal Protein and have years of experience providing customized programs for anyone who can do the standard Ideal Protein Phase 1 protocol and for those who need modifications related to health issues and training goals.

The true value of the Ideal Protein Protocol is the COACHING.  It is not about boxes of food.  If you select your clinic on convenience and location alone you are defeating the whole design of getting the quality support and education you are paying for that is included with the food purchase.

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Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach Member of Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach Member of Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

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Power Play Nutrition: Fuel Your Body

Power Play Nutrition:  Fuel Your Body

Kasie Strong Rochester Institute of Technology

FREE 20-minute nutrition consult. Learn the healthiest foods to eat to support growth and performance in hockey from Registered Nurse, Certified Wellcoach and USA Hockey Level 5 Coach Joyce Strong.

Contact Coach Joyce:  joyce@totalwellcoach.com or 617-666-1122.

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Secret to Getting Shapely Thighs: Workout for Thinner Thighs

Secret to Getting Shapely Thighs:  Workout for Thinner Thighs
Thinner Thighs without Working Out

Thinner Thighs without Working out

I have a question for you because I know you are a wellness and fitness coach. I get to the gym a lot and am doing cardio, strength, and free weights. Then at home I do core work. I want to lose fat in my thighs. I have a lot of muscle in my legs and I just want to tone what is there and not develop more. I want my legs to look more slender. I also have started running on the treadmill and am prepping for a 5k in the spring.  Any advice? Especially on what is better or worse for a leg work out?

I want to help you and I can but I am going to tell you something you don’t believe. I want you to stop working out and come see me for a nutrition plan. You don’t have to stop working out completely but really, really tone down your emphasis on working out. You are going about it the wrong way. Working out doesn’t burn fat… it burns lean. I do this all the time, every day, and I see it over and over. If you want beautiful, shapely legs come see me for a nutrition plan. This means a major change in life-style and a change in your belief system. You know that I am an athlete… and I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t truly believe it and see it every day in my work. It sounds too good to be true but when I get you thinking like a cavewoman you will understand why it doesn’t make sense to try to slim down with exercise. Get what you want with a comprehensive plan that starts with re-education when it comes to the foods you eat. I have free workshops and every Tuesday in Nashua at exit 1, right near the MA/NH border.  I promise. Ideal Protein works.  Learn more at: www.totalwellcoach.com and www.ideal-nutrition.com

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Your AnyWhere Coach: Virtual Ideal Protein eCoach

Your AnyWhere Coach:  Virtual Ideal Protein eCoach

Ideal Protein Anywhere Coach

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