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Introducing InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer

Introducing InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer

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What is Ideal Protein Fitness?

Ideal Protein Fitness is a video-based program featuring postural and corrective exercises specifically geared towards those who have experienced weight gain.

Hosted by Posturologist and Fitness expert Steve Moratto, Ideal Protein Fitness will introduce you to some of the basic principles of wellness.  It can be integrated into any phase and will help prepare you for a more active way of life in the Ideal Lifestyle Approach to Maintenance.

Ideal Protein Fitness includes 52 weekly challenges accessible through MyIdealProtein.  Each challenge will unlock a series of exercise videos that should be followed at least 3 times a week.

If you would like to participate in My.IdealProtein.com through my clinic and become one of my patients please contact me and notify Ideal Protein at MyIP@idealprotein.com that you would like to be a client of Joyce Strong, RN, BSN at Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach Nashua.  My.IdealProtein.com is free to my clients for access to the Ideal Protein materials, Ideal Protein TV and Ideal Protein Fitness.


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Power Play Nutrition: Fuel Your Body

Power Play Nutrition:  Fuel Your Body

Kasie Strong Rochester Institute of Technology

FREE 20-minute nutrition consult. Learn the healthiest foods to eat to support growth and performance in hockey from Registered Nurse, Certified Wellcoach and USA Hockey Level 5 Coach Joyce Strong.

Contact Coach Joyce:  joyce@totalwellcoach.com or 617-666-1122.

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Protein for the High-Performance Athlete

Protein for the High-Performance Athlete

PaleoMeal Protein ChocolateBecoming a high performance athlete does not happen overnight. To be an elite athlete, one needs to understand nutrition and how to take care of his or her body. Understanding where energy comes from is essential if you want to perform at your best.

All of the energy your body needs comes from three different parts:

–          Protein

–          Carbohydrates

–          Fats

Understanding (or lack of understanding) how the body utilizes each of these three components can be the difference between a lack luster performance and a championship performance.  Today I will focus on Protein and understanding your body’s basic needs for protein intake, digestion and absorption.

Protein is the building block for all the body’s needs. It provides amino acids that allow our body to make muscle, bone, hair, tendons, skin and other tissues.  For high performance athletes, protein is needed to repair and rebuild muscle after intense training.  Protein is not easily stored in the body; therefore, it is essential that athletes get adequate protein in their meals and with high-grade protein supplements.

The recommended amount of protein needed for a performance athlete is 1.2-1.8 grams per 2.2 lbs or 1 kilogram. The average adult needs 0.8 grams per 2.2 lbs or 1 kilogram. So you can see by the above numbers, athletes need to consume a good amount of protein to provide their muscles with the proper tools to repair and rebuild properly.

If you are taking a protein supplement, it should be known that protein supplements taken as a shake for example, tend to pass through the body much quicker than food itself. Hydrolyzyme™ , a Designs for Health enzyme, should be taken to support digestion of the protein supplement and help with the absorption into the body.  Protein absorption is initiated in the stomach, and because liquid supplements spend less time in the stomach, they have less time to be absorbed into the body.

Make sure that you are taking the right amount of protein to make every workout count. The body, especially an athlete’s body, should be given the right fuel in order to perform at its best.  Call 617-666-1122 or email ryan@totalwellcoach.com to set up a consultation.  Visit TotalWellCoach.com to learn more.

What foods provide protein:

–          Chicken 3.5 oz- 30 grams of protein

–          Fish 3.5 oz- 22 grams of protein

–          1 Egg- 6 grams of protein

–          Hamburger 4 oz- 28 grams of protein

–          Steak 6 oz- 42 grams of protein

–          ¼ cup of almonds- 8 grams of protein

–          2 tablespoons of peanut butter- 8 grams of protein


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