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New Monthly Member Flat Fee! Save Money with Unlimited Support!

New Monthly Member Flat Fee!  Save Money with Unlimited Support!


Change is good… Choices and Options are good… Personalized Nutrition Plans are good… SAVING MONEY IS GREAT!

• Monthly Membership Flat Fee is $58.25 (Paid Annually) for UNLIMITED INBODY BODY COMP ANALYSIS AND RN HEALTH COACHING AND NUTRITION SUPPORT, less than $14.56/session.
• After December 31, 2017, the Monthly Membership Flat Fee will increase to $65/month, (Paid Annually), less than $16.25/session!
• Unlimited InBody 570 Body Composition Tests
• Four 15-minute Follow-up visits per month
• Unlimited email/text support!
• One FREE 1-hour Initial Consultation or Health Coaching Session
• 20% discount on all products all year long!
• All Nutrition and Wellness Classes FREE, at least 12 per year!
• 10 Free Passes for InBody 570 Body Composition Test to Share with Family & Friends
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FUEL LIFEPROFILE from Orig3n.com: This 24-gene profile reveals how your body responds to food and nutrients. Discover which foods work best for you, what to avoid, and what might make you feel better.

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These are some of the things you can learn about yourself with the FUEL DNA test.

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Losing Weight the Second Time on Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol: Getting Unstuck

Losing Weight the Second Time on Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol: Getting Unstuck

A Mistake Repeated More Than Once is a Decision

A mistake repeated more than once is a DECISION.  

So, you lost weight on Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol and went on your merry way.   Then the “Creep” took over. You know the “Creep.”  That’s the “gremlin” in your brain that makes decisions for you and always win.  Any time you get into negotiations with the “Creep” you lose.   Then, suddenly,  you are 10, 15, 20 pounds heavier than you were when you “finished” the Plan.   Day by day you didn’t notice the Creep, but day by day, slyly,  like thin, smooth layers of butter on your toast, the Creep was packing it back on.

First, how and why did you “finish”?  I thought this was a “permanent life-style change.”

Second, OK, you’re back.  Let’s get to work, untangle the details, and this time we won’t “finish.”

In case there was any confusion when you first walked in the door, there is no “end” to a “healthy life-style.”

No doubt sugar and carbohydrates are highly addictive. We know that it is almost impossible to say no to sweets when placed in front of us without any obstacles to access.

When the Plan was working for you, you had success because you removed several obstacles and added support.

If you are failing now, struggling now to get back on Plan, you are trying to cook a recipe without all the necessary ingredients.

Go back to your “cookbook” and see what ingredients you need today for success.  This time may be different than last time you succeeded so don’t be afraid to change the recipe a little.


What will it take THIS TIME for you to SUCCEED?

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Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach Member of Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach Member of Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

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Power Play Nutrition: Fuel Your Body

Power Play Nutrition:  Fuel Your Body

Kasie Strong Rochester Institute of Technology

FREE 20-minute nutrition consult. Learn the healthiest foods to eat to support growth and performance in hockey from Registered Nurse, Certified Wellcoach and USA Hockey Level 5 Coach Joyce Strong.

Contact Coach Joyce:  joyce@totalwellcoach.com or 617-666-1122.

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Welcome Back to Ideal Protein

Welcome Back to Ideal Protein

Happy New Year Ideal ProteinHappy New Year!   If you have fallen off the Ideal Protein program and want to start again I would like you to know that I am very happy to work with you again.

Our contracts are two:  1) To help you lose the weight and 2) To maintain the weight loss.

I am committed to helping you get healthy and stay healthy.  It is the most important thing for your life and EVERYTHING else depends on your health.

So, here are my requests.  Are you willing to do these two things?

1) Keep a detailed journal and bring it with you to your visits
2) Keep your appointments, even if you have had a struggle with sticking to the plan

Our policy on weekly visits has changed.  We are asking for 48 hours notice if you will not keep your appointment and we are charging a modest fee of $10 for the 15-minute coaching sessions.

So, if you are coming back to Ideal Protein, from our Clinic at Ideal Weight Loss – Total Well Coach, or any other authorized Ideal Protein Clinic, you do not have to pay any additional fees to “come back to Ideal Protein” or “Start Again with Ideal Protein.”  Your “Ideal Protein Contract” with us never expires.   You are always welcome to try again at Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach.

We believe that falling down is as common as the rain.  What is not so common is the willingness to examine with fascination what happened when you fell so that you can adjust your attitude, employ another strategy and find a way every day to celebrate all the little victories along your path to health and wellness with your Total Well Coach.

Ready to come back?  Contact us at 603-324-7153 or email joyce@TotalWellCoach.com to set up an appointment or RSVP that you wish to attend a FREE IDEAL PROTEIN WORKSHOP.   Remember space is limited so RSVP with your name, phone number and email address only if you are certain you can attend.  Almost everyone who attends our workshops decides to sign up so please only come if you are serious about losing weight and gaining health.  Ours is the “Yoda Protocol”, that is “Do or Do Not.  There is no Try.”

We have a Kick-Off Workshop on Monday, December 30, 2013, at 6pm in Nashua which is free and you are welcome to attend.   We also have one on Tuesday, December 7th at 6pm.   You are always welcome to attend the free workshops and certainly send your friends and colleagues!  Remember you get a FREE BOX OF IP FOOD for everyone you refer who signs up!

You can also call to set up a regular 15-minute “check-in” appointment.  Just give me a few choices of days and times that are convenient for you.

If there is anything else you need for support please let us know what you think will help you.   We offer Professional Coaching at a reasonable fee with a discount for a series of sessions.

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