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From Joyce M: 

We all live on “Someday Isle”… “Some day I’ll “decide to start a diet.. “Some day I’ll” start eating more healthy. The best decision I made was to reach out to Joyce and get off my “island”! Joyce makes me think about food in a different way. I’ve learned how to “feel” how food interacts with my body makeup. Joyce is there for me every week to support, coach, and celebrate. She always has positive suggestions and is a reservoir of health information. Joyce embodies the energy and health she practices and preaches. Get off your “Island”… and join Joyce Strong!… I did, and now I can say that I am “Joyce… stronger together with Joyce Strong”!!

From Steve F:

“I’ve had over 100 IVs administered.  Joyce is by far the most skilled, the most knowledgeable,  and the most caring nurse I have encountered.  As one of her other patients said to me “This woman is ENGAGED!”  You are never just a patient to Joyce.  She understands the “whole” part of holisitic medicine.  Joyce reviews and discusses your treatment with your doctor.  She will explain and discuss what is being given, sensations and side effects, and monitors you closely at all times.  Professional and courteous, she also shows genuine compassion and concern.  I consider her a dear friend as well as a key member of my team at Groton Wellness.”~Steve

— ——————-

From Randy:
“Joyce was a wonderful coach for my first effort at serious weight loss with the Ideal Protein program. Thanks to Joyce’s focused and effective coaching, I was able to make a substantial reduction in my weight, which was an essential first step in dealing with my insulin resistance syndrome. She was very effective at diagnosing my motivation and compliance problems, and in helping me see where I needed to improve, and in removing my blinders about self-sabotaging behaviors. Joyce was extremely positive, taking a ‘glass is half-full’ approach on everything. She is a terrific coach and a great medical consultant for those wanting to make a major change in their lifestyle and healthy living habits. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
From Deb:
All the wishing and praying for healthy changes didn’t help…”faith without works is dead,” I had to take action..and. in order to keep it I need to give it away…thank you Joyce Morin Strong for your encouragement along the way!

Joyce,  I actually did the Ideal Protein “diet” (more like a lifestyle change) and it worked beautifully! Even though it was well over a year ago, it made me change the way I look at sugar and metabolism. I have never put the weight back on after losing well over 20lbs and have never felt better! To all of your potential clients, DO THIS!!! it is so worth it. If you can get through the first week, you will make AMAZING progress. Getting rid of massive sugars from your diet will make you feel better, look better, and your body WILL thank you (actually, your pancreas will thank you for restoring it to working the way it is supposed to instead of putting in overtime all the time!!) ~ Chris


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement throughout the year.  It has been a trying year for me and your caring approach and compassion has made it a bit easier.  Thanks for making me see while numbers are important healthwise, wellness encompasses much more than that.


Some benefit… some … wow that is an understatement!

I have changed as a person with your coaching. I understand my noggin in a new way. I like how I process thought and reason. I challenge myself to ask why??– verses just doing or reacting. I can express emotions on a less “personal” level yet still achieve results from my feelings.

I look at choice in a whole new way.

You have taken me and encourage me to be me J

My vision of it takes time and practice is sort of how I feel about cooking …

I like the thought of recipes but I do not always have the right ingredients. So I will make a dish with what I have and some times it is great and some times not so much…

I have mastered Shrimp Soup! It is never the same but always good!

I have the skills set we are learning now with NVC and it is going to be like my Thai Shrimp Soup…

Once I master the basic ingredients of Honestly Listening, Acknowledging my Feelings, Expressing my Needs and requesting verse demanding… I will be on my way!

PS the Thai Shrimp Soup is Awesome!!

Broth with Onions, Pepper (white or Black or both), Fish Sauce and Sugar (sometimes)

Noodles made from eggs!!

Then add Golden Garlic and lots of Shrimp

I am so thankful for our time!


I wanted to learn to play hockey but thought at 46 years old I was too old.  I am now a hockey coach and play hockey on a team!


I got breast cancer when I was 49 and thought my life would never be the same again.  It hasn’t stayed the same… it’s better!   I am even more active and involved in life than before I got sick.


Happy Mother’s Day!  I wanted you to know that I woke up today in anticipation of what my family would do for me for Mother’s Day and I realized what I have done for ME!   I’m 26 pounds lighter and determined to keep going.  This is the first time, through all of my health problems, that I have found and am doing something that I can control and that is helping.  Thank you so much for empowering me… It has been a busy weekend.  Friday was my son’s birthday, then Mother’s Day and tomorrow my anniversary.  I am staying on plan beautifully.  I feel so good and went for a 3-mile hike today!  Have a great day!

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