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Ideal Protein Plateau? Frustrated!

#GreatQuestion I’ve been following #IdealProtein and nothing is happening.

How do you know nothing is happening? How have you measured your changes and successes?

Stepping on the scale is just one way to measure. Yes, it’s necessary to see how much you weigh but you cannot tell from the scale what you are measuring. In order to see and know “what is happening” you need to take many measurements including a Body Composition Analysis, Tape Measure, do a Food Journal review, consider how your clothes are fitting and assess your current physical status. Are you constipated? Menstruating? Did you Deviate from the protocol (have your coach check you food journal). If you haven’t kept a food journal with everything written down “to the T”, you haven’t followed the protocol 🙂 Did you take your supplements? What else can you tell me about your week? Are you getting 8 hours of sleep? How have you been coping with stress in your life? Are you drinking all your water? Are you eating all your vegetables? Are you measuring your food?

When you feel frustrated based on the number on a scale that measures a snapshot in time you are creating a story to justify your frustration. Create a new story that feels better. The protocol is easy. Trust you will get the results you expect if you are following the method exactly.

Include all of the positive changes you are making when you “measure” your success. You are aware of your eating. You are eating vegetables every day. You have more energy. Write down your “non-scale victories.”

If you are following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss method you are losing weight. It works.

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