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InBody 570 Test Membership, $65 Annual (Pack of 12 tests)

You have tried the InBody and now you want follow-up tests but don’t need the coaching or products! Here’s the program for you!

TWELVE InBody Body Composition Testing for $65.

If you haven’t tried the InBody 570 yet to GO BEYOND THE SCALE please get in touch with me for a coupon for ONE FREE INBODY TEST!

If you DO want coaching, products and support for health, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, gut health, autoimmune support then check out our Unlimited Nutrition Membership for just $65/month (paid annually) for UNLIMITED INBODY TESTS AND UNLIMITED SUPPORT! https://totalwellcoach.com/new-monthly-member-flat-fee-sav…/

The Unlimited Nutrition Membership is just $15/week for Private Coaching from a Registered Nurse experienced in functional medicine.  It includes the InBody 570 Body Composition Testing, Free Classes and more!

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