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DNA Test – LIFEPROFILE FUEL Personal Genetic Nutrition Assessment

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DNA Test – LIFEPROFILE FUEL Personal Genetic Nutrition Assessment


Fuel DNA Test

Product Description

  • Fuel Nutritional DNA TestGenetic assessment designed to help you understand how your body responds to nutrition.
  • DNA collection kit includes simple instructions, cheek swab and prepaid return envelope.
  • Receive a personalized, in-depth report about your unique nutrition profile approximately 4 weeks after lab receives your sample.
  • Gain insights in four categories, including food sensitivity, vitamins, hunger and weight, and more.

The FUEL assessment decodes information in your unique DNA, giving you unprecedented insights into the way your body processes different foods and nutrients. Once you understand your nutrition-related DNA, you can tailor your eating habits to support a new diet, avoid adverse food reactions, and maximize the impact of vitamins.


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